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May. 23rd, 2006

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Friends Only Journal

Feel'n the Love!!

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I have had tons of people stop by and wish me well, along with about 20 emails from people here at work.  I am definitely feeling the love.

The COS told me last night not to be rude to her when she calls me 100 times next week.  Teehee.  I am going to go down shortly and take my last box to my new office.  Gotta get some plants in there or something.

For All the Gals Out There!!!

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Word of the Day for Friday December 9, 2005

voluptuary \vuh-LUHP-choo-er-ee\, noun:
A person devoted to luxury and the gratification of sensual appetites; a sensualist.

Voluptuous; luxurious.


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I am still waiting to get my grades from the last 3 papers I turned in. Argh - I am sitting on egg-shells just waiting - I have absolutely no patience.

My final is on Monday - my first day of the new job. What timing - eh.

One More Day!!!

Naked Marty
Welp, one more day and I will be officially gone from my job - Monday starting my new position. I am so looking forward to it. I have already moved a little bit of my stuff into my new office. I didn't see the new computer in there though, so I might not be online for a few days. I found out that one of the co-workers I am already "clicking with" is fixing Mimosas for the holiday breakfast. *Sigh* I have really found my spot in the world!!!! I also found out that my optional retirement plan contributes 7.25% of my pay annually while I contribute NOTHING!!!! So that, along with my 401(k) I have going and I think we will do just fine (not to mention Walt has retirement too). I couldn't believe that ORP program when they gave me the paperwork.

I am one of 4 senior personnel in the department - teehee, no cracks about finally being a "senior", oh - and they will actually be giving me a credit card - look out!!!

I hope to see a few of you guys at the crew party this weekend. I also sent out evites for my annual New Year's Eve party - if I forgot anyone, please let me know.

Dec. 8th, 2005


Here is a picture of me, Stacey and Lisa in our cloaks.  I don't like this picture of me but everyone else looks fabu and I just HAD to show off them cloaks.

Here is a better pic of Lisa wearing one of the Bobbsie Twins cloaks - teehee.  I LOVE YOU MANNNNNN!!!

BTW - like my new icon??

My Favorites

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Because sweetpea86 told me so:

My favoritesCollapse )

Which Hat!!

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NY Trip Bullets

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I will reiterate what FiFi said – this was the best weekend with the best group of friends.  The lights, the City – absolutely fan-freaking-tastic!!!


  • Wonderful friends to spend the weekend with!!  Yes, I can see this being a twice/year trip (both Moresca’s open houses).
  • Lisa and Stacey: “Are we there yet?” – “I gotta pee”
  • MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, warm spiced wine – Val, YOU ROCK!!!
  • Eric got my “special” pirate men!!! – Muwah for that!
  • Our 5:30 wake up call courtesy of the middle-aged screamer!!!
  • I still have 900 pictures to take!!!!
  • Taking the train to the city and being in AWE of Grand Central Station
  • Picking up xmas gifts on the street!
  • Taking some phenomenal pictures of the buildings and the sites of Carnegie Hall, Jekyl and Hyde, FAO Schwartz, the old Russian Tea Room, the Plaza, Trump Tower – awesome, Tiffany, Gucci, oh and don’t forget Pucci (snicker)
  • P.J. Carnegie’s (Irish pub) for drinks and staying there 4+ hours which was well worth it.  They have a painting in there that is awesome (will post the pics).  Our barmaid was going back home to Dublin in a few weeks.  Oh and one of my new favorite drinks thanks to FiFi – Key Lime Martinis!!  Stacey – don’t forget to send me the recipe.
  • Did I say I want me some Cocoa and Fruit Pebbles today!!!!!!  With a splash of milk, too!!!!
  • Rockefeller Center with the dancing snowflakes on the building – wonderous!!!
  • I did miss getting Big Daddy a cheesecake from Junior’s – FiFi tried but they wouldn’t budge – when you come down next I might have to place an order with ya.
  • Visitting Moresca’s and wishing I had an unlimited credit card!!!
  • Lisa and I getting matching cloaks and only spending a bit of $$ on them.  They didn’t have any chemises though, but I did get an awesome skirt for the crew party this weekend.
  • Nice train ride home until we got to listen to the Chicken Queen!!

It was rough saying good bye but it won’t be good bye for long sweeties!!  Big hugs and kisses to you – thank you for showing me such a great time!!!  I love ya!!

Last Pic!

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I so loved the colors on this one!!  Hey, FiFi - I could wear this hat with ya!!!!

I will post the rest of the pics tonight!

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